89 Or 14 To 26

from by Air Station

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89 Or 14 To 26

Bet you wish we had some words here right now

I'm sitting here trying to think
Of some words to sing
They won't come to me

This is the fourth song
The words should be really strong
Need a hit

What should I write about
I'm sitting here full of doubt

I could clean my house instead
These lyrics are filling me full of dread
Can't stop now

That was really sweet

There's a bird outside
Up and away it just flied

Had a thought, but it just passed

What this song really needs
Are some super shredding leads

Check out this hot guitar solo
Take it away

That was hot

Just to prove we're dumb
We'll give the drummer some
Try not to suck you fucking dick

What was that

What do you think we're gonna do next
You will not believe
Check it out
Breakdown part

That was pretty hot
You must like it

Wow, this song's still going
Can you please just stop

Listen to me sing

Imagine all the flashing lights
If I get these words just right
The ladies will be screaming my name
That'll be great

Who you calling Shovelhead?
Who was that?

Can't even think of lyrics
To sing about how I can't think of lyrics
Things have gotten grim in my house now
On and on and on
Looking for something to say, oh geez
Will this song ever end


from DIX, released August 4, 2014



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